The Profit Planner: Foundations


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Profit Planner is financial management in bite-size pieces. We make it easy because it doesn’t actually have to be that hard. Even though it seems like it is.

The Profit Planner breaks down into weeks, then days, then tasks.

Every week you get:

  1. A weekly goal that concentrates on running a more profitable business.
  2. Daily tasks (and detailed, non-nerdy explanations) on how to complete the task, which feeds back into the weekly goal. Okay, maybe it gets a little nerdy.

Every day you get:

  1. Plenty of open space to write YOUR goals.
  2. A prioritized task list for your three most important tasks.
  3. A Notes section to help you complete the daily tasks and reflect on what you’re learning.
  4. A daily calendar from 6:00 am —9:30 pm (because entrepreneurs are busy people) that’s designed for entrepreneurs and families. Keep all your busy appointments together.
  5. Additional schedule and notes space for Saturday/Sunday planning.
  6. Most of all—the increased profits that come from all this thorough planning and education!