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Do you understand the current financial health of your business? But do you REALLY understand it?? To be able to stay up to date with your business’s finances, you have to know those numbers! 

This week we’re talking to Danielle Hayden from Kickstart Accounting and creator of the Profit Planner. She’s telling us all about what we need to know about our numbers and why it’s so important!  

Many businesses and entrepreneurs don’t know how to meet their goals and set profit because they don’t have a planner that can help them with their accounting.

In this episode, Danielle talks about creating zero accounting overwhelm with her Profit Planner for business owners to create the profits in their business and take home a paycheck they deserve.

She breaks down to us the process of incrementally meeting weekly goals and bringing your business to new heights. Listen to the story your numbers are telling you as Danielle guides us into this episode.

In this episode, I’m delighted to be interviewing financial guru Danielle Hayden from Kickstart Accounting.

Danielle is sharing her easy-to-implement tips on the numbers that you need to know in your wedding business in order to grow a profitable biz.  She’s also offering an amazing 15% off her Profit Planner when you use the code Wedpreneur at checkout!

The lie we too often tell ourselves is that we are horrible at numbers. And then we stick our head in the sand and do nothing but hope our numbers will work out in the end.

When it comes to figuring out what the jumble of numbers are telling us, it is confusing and scary and we often are afraid of masking the wrong move.

Danielle Hayden is going to change all that. If you’ve been needing to pay more attention to the numbers in your business, you’ll want to take a listen.

What financial numbers do we need to pay attention to? In this episode, Danielle shares her journey from hairdresser to corporate CFO to starting her own bookkeeping business about 5 years ago. Plus we cover what each transition was like for her and her family and then talk through the financial numbers that each freelancer needs to know to create sustainable profits.

If accounting and numbers, in general, aren’t your jam, you won’t want to miss this episode as Danielle keeps it as simple as possible.

In interviewing Danielle, I wanted to showcase what’s possible to create in five short years, especially when you’re willing to lift yourself up and out of the task-doing in your practice and build a team of people who you trained well and who have solid systems for delivering a consistent and high-quality client experience. 

Would you like to know if there’s something that you may be doing that is sabotaging you getting good financial advice from your accountant or bookkeeper? In this interview, they take a look at the ways we relate to money, and how fears that come up around money interfere with us making good decisions in our businesses. They discuss what we really need to know about how to be a good client for our accountants and bookkeepers. They also talk about business partnerships and the ingredients for good business partnerships. Listen in to find out more!

Have you thought about cross-training your team members? Cross-training involves building team members’ skills so that they can perform job functions outside of their usual duties. But, you’re not necessarily adding more to their plate. Instead, you are building your team’s skills, so that when extra help is needed, they can step in and offer a helping hand.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to structure your team in a way that helps them to deliver the level of service that you expect
  • How to execute cross-training within your team
  • Why you should document processes and create training resources to supplement your team’s cross-training efforts

This episode is the first of its kind on the podcast — an ON AIR TECH TOOL AUDIT.

I am SO excited to share with you this REAL tech audit that I did with Kickstart Accounting’s co-owner Danielle Hayden.  Danielle graciously accepted my invitation to expose the technology she’s using in her business so that we can find the hidden gems and where she can double down on her efforts.  This is so she can do that much more with the technology that she is already using OR how to switch things up so that she is using technology to support her business goals that much more.