About the

Profit Planner

As entrepreneurs, our attention is pulled in a million directions.

I get it.

Regardless, productivity and running a profitable business should be our priority. That’s a daunting task, which is why my team has done the research and created a plan to help us focus, plan, and prepare for success.

During the 12 weeks of the Profit Planner journey, you’ll set goals, evaluate your business, and become intimately familiar with your financials. (Yep, you read that right. You might even like your financial planning after this.) The clarity you’ll get on making your business profitable is priceless—not to mention newfound confidence toward your financial planning.

One of the foundations of the Profit Planner is establishing daily goals. Why? Let me give you three reasons.

      1.  Priorities. By setting three tasks for your day, you’re creating a realistic, targetable list for daily success.

      2.  Action. Daily goals help us focus on concrete action steps that move us toward profitability and productivity.

      3.  Routine. It takes twenty-one days to create a habit, which means we’re working on taking daily time to focus on our financial health, setting (and reminding ourselves of) our goals, and creating a focused to do list.

That’s only part of what Profit Planner brings to you…

How to Use the Profit Planner
Every day, you’re going to set a daily goal. This is the time to reflect on your business, your goals, and refocus your day toward those ultimate dreams. It doesn’t have to be a new goal each day—you can recycle if you need to. We’re creating new habits, remember?

On top of that goal, we’re going to write down the three most important tasks for that day. Try saying this outloud yourself (and yeah, you can say it into a mirror or to your dog—we aren’t listening.)

“What are the three most important things I could do today to move me closer to my goals?”

Make sure you answer—then write them down in your Profit Planner.

Because of this daily work, Profit Planner will help you accomplish what is important. Newsflash: busywork isn’t important.

Not only will you get daily accountability, but we’ll give you a task. We’re going to ask you questions, make you research, then put practices into your business that will help you plan better and be more profitable.

Don’t worry! We give these tasks to you. No stress required.

Features in the Profit Planner
The Profit Planner is financial management in bite-size pieces. We make it easy because it doesn’t actually have to be that hard. Even though it seems like it is.

The Profit Planner breaks down into weeks, then days, then tasks.

Every week you get:

  1. A weekly goal that concentrates on running a more profitable business.
  2. Daily tasks (and detailed, non-nerdy explanations) on how to complete the task, which feeds back into the weekly goal. Okay, maybe it gets a little nerdy.

Every day you get:

  1. Plenty of open space to write YOUR goals.
  2. A prioritized task list for your three most important tasks.
  3. A Notes section to help you complete the daily tasks and reflect on what you’re learning.
  4. A daily calendar from 6:00 am —9:30 pm (because entrepreneurs are busy people) that’s designed for entrepreneurs and families. Keep all your busy appointments together.
  5. Additional schedule and notes space for Saturday/Sunday planning.
  6. Most of all—the increased profits that come from all this thorough planning and education!

What would you like to do?