The first daily organizer proven to grow your business’s bottom line. 

The Profit Planner empowers entrepreneurs to confidently manage their business, increase their profits, and kick overwhelm to the curb.

“It feels like a JOURNAL, and works like a guide. Your daily practice can now include making money and managing your money, thoughtfully, in 12 week sprints. You know that being a business owner comes with many challenges. Yet, making smart decision based on knowing your numbers doesn’t have to be one. 12 week sprints-Created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.”

- Shelli W.


The Profit Planner is different from every other organizer and business book out there…

Grows your business by focusing on the key to success: knowing what to do with your financial numbers and when!

12-week daily planner organizes your tasks and activities for an entire business quarter, reducing entrepreneur overwhelm.

Enables you to take home more money with a proven process that focuses on productivity and profitability.

“The Profit Planner is everything I never knew I needed as a business owner, mom of two kids, and someone that likes making money. Being able to increase my profitability in small size chunks, one day at a time, with someone that clearly knows bookkeeping, has been invaluable. It’s a bonus that I can still plan my day out as well as learn more about my business!”

- Katie C.

CEO of a 6-figure Ghostwriting Agency

Designed for Entrepreneurs by an Entrepreneur

As a Chief Financial Officer for over 10 years I loved accounting but felt like something was missing while just helping investors and board of directors of large companies.

That’s when I realized I had a certain thrill for helping entrepreneurs, especially women, who were breaking the rules of business in order to create something amazing – something the rest of the world didn’t expect them to do.

I left corporate accounting and formed Kickstart Accounting, Inc; an accounting firm designed to help female entrepreneurs understand their financials in order to grow their businesses and become more profitable.

Since then I realized entrepreneurs need more than just a bookkeeper; they need real financial analysis and education in order to get the confidence required to create the sustainable wealth they deserve.

The Profit Planner was developed to help you as a business owner know how to analyze your business correctly, generate more profits easily, and gain greater confidence in your business, by getting really intimate with your financials and really specific on what needs to change to create the business that supports your dreams.

Hundreds of my clients, plus myself, have used the Profit Planner to transform our businesses, and I’m excited about how it’s going to transform yours!

– Danielle Hayden

Creator of the Profit Planner

“This planner is more than a planner. It helps you create your vision, goals, and belief in yourself in order to succeed. I have always struggled to understand my finances and how to improve them, this step by step process has given me the confidence and education I needed to scale my business.”

- Kelly S.



“It’s like a mini-crash course in business… it really goes through the foundation of what it takes for a business to be profitable financially and it helps you put systems in place.”